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Skateboard Wall Art Display Promotion

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We have been building custom promotional skateboards since 1995.  From single to bulk wholesale price we have you covered.  

Skateboard Wall Art Display Promotion

Compare 100% American / Canadian Maple To Made IN USA!

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Enjoy an additional $10.00 off. Use code USA at checkout when you order $250.00 or more on custom printed decks OR get a FREE Skateboard Deck with your own graphic with coupon code FREE Deck 

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Decks are printed on Natural or Assorted Stain top and middle ply.  

Promotional skateboard market needs everything including the Wall Art Special.  You can spread your favorite graphic along your wall on 3 decks.  We manufacturer this deck for you so that the art matches up when you put the 3 decks together.  Make your room or office stand out with something your friends or family will remember.  This mural wall art is also great for corporate logo displays and point of purchase.  Set your company apart  from the rest by using skateboard decks to display your trademark.  Need this product in bulk no problem we can help you set it up at the lowest possible price so you can send them to your favorite customers to display proudly.  

Online DesignerHeck yea! This is the coolest way to cover you wall with art.
Detailed Information
Deck Width8.25" width. This is still a way to display art and your passion and it is also the most popular size deck in the market.
Deck Length32.25"
ConcaveMedium Concave
Construction7 ply Made In USA Cold Pressed Canadian Hard Rock Maple
Skill LevelNot Much? Enough skill to screw it to the wall. But if you decide to skate it at one point it will hold up to stressful situations and extreme pressure.
StreetYea you can skate it in the street or sidewalk. Most would hang it on the wall away from the street. This is a work of art and sold for well worth what you are paying for it.
RampThis could actually be a display or banner on a Vert Ramp.
CruisingYou might be better leaving it on the wall and go to our longboard and mini cruiser section if you are looking have a mellow ride.

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All street decks bulk orders can have multiple sizes within the same order.  There is no setup fee No Minimum.  We are a wholesale skateboard manufacturer offering single one off decks or large volume for the company that wants to make money selling decks.  Quality products made in USA at the best price. 

1                 $49.00 ea

2-9              $35.00ea

10-19          $25.00ea

20-49          $20.00ea

50-99          $17.50ea

100-199      $17.00ea

200-299      $16.75ea

300 and up $15.00ea

These bulk prices are based on per graphic that means that the prices above reflect that all the skateboards have the same graphic in your order to get the discounts factory direct. We do look forward to working with you on a one on one basis so feel free to call us at any time to discuss your larger order requirements. 

Use coupon code FREE Deck when you add 250.00 dollars worth of custom skateboard printing with your design to your shopping cart.  Only works on sizes ranging from 7.5-8.5 .  Free Skateboard Deck Giveaway Subscribe Now to our YouTube Channel.  Click on the image below to sign up.  

All options below have a 50 deck minimum and setup fee.

  • Wheel base changes
  • Full Dip
  • Top Prints

If you are interested in any of these options please contact us so we can build an order for you.


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  • Product Code: Wall Art Special
  • Availability: Fresh Cut Made To Order
  • $90.00
  • 2 or more $80.00
  • 10 or more $70.00
  • 20 or more $60.00
  • 50 or more $50.00

Skateboard Printing Examples

Check out some of the decks we have printed.

Free T-Shirt On Printed Orders Over $250.00

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