Lowest prices! Full service custom skateboard manufacturer offering blank or printed skateboards any shape and size

Price List

This is our skateboard manufacturers price list.  All skateboards are made here in our factory.  We glue, cut and print on skateboards.  The wheels are printed here along with the grip tape.  We do not manufacturer wheels or grip tape but we do print on them. 

Blank Skateboard Prices

Skateboard Blanks

1________$15.00 Each Deck

2-9______$14.75 Each Deck

10-99____$13.50 Each Deck

100-499__$12.00 Each Deck

500-999__$11.75 Each Deck

1000____$11.00 Each Deck

Blank skateboard deck prices can go below with orders of 100 or more a week.

Longboard Blanks

1 and up $25.00 Each Deck

The longboard blanks are set at rock bottom prices.  Some situations we can go below depending on size of the raw materials.

Old School and Mini Cruiser Blanks

1 and up $17.00 Each Deck

We just set the shaped decks at the rock bottom price.  We can't go below this unless you are ordering over 100 per month.

Skateboard Printing Prices

Single Graphic Full Color

1_________$36.00 Each Deck

2_________$31.00 Each Deck

10________$26.00 Each Deck

20-49_____$20.00 Each Deck

50-99_____$18.00 Each Deck

100-499___$16.00 Each Deck

500-1,999__$15.00 Each Deck

2000_ Up_ $11.00 Each Deck

Multiple Graphic Prices

Want more then one graphic?

2 Graphics  20 Decks $25.00 Each Deck

2 Graphics 50 Deck Special No Extra Cost $17.50 Each Deck

4 Graphics 100 Deck Special $18.00  Each Deck

Old School / Mini Cruiser Prices

1_______$50.00 Each Deck

2-9_____$45.00 Each Deck

10-19___$40.00 Each Deck

20-29___$25.00 Each Deck

30-39___$22.50 Each Deck

40-49___$20.00 Each Deck

50-99___$19.00 Each Deck

100 and UP Call for price

Multiple Graphic Prices

Want more then one graphic?

Will be updating this price list shortly

Longboard Printing Prices

1_______$65.00 Each Deck

2-9_____$60.00 Each Deck

10-19___$50.00 Each Deck

20-29___$42.00 Each Deck

30-39___$40.00 Each Deck

40-50___$38.00 Each Deck

100 and up call for prices

Multiple Longboard Graphic 

Want more then one graphic?

Will be updating this price list shortly

Grip Tape Printing

1______$19.00 Each Sheet

2-9_____$18.00 Each Sheet

10-19___$15.00 Each Sheet

20-29___$10.00 Each Sheet

30-49____$8.00 Each Sheet

50 and up 6.00 Each Sheet

Skateboard Wheel Printing

1______$20.00 Each Set

2______$15.00 Each Set

10_____$14.00 Each Set

20_____$13.00 Each Set

50_____$12.00 Each Set

100 and up call for prices