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About Us

Started building boards back in 1998 for one of the oldest well known brand dating back to the mid 70's.  After running a factory for several years without any room for advancement in the company the best choice made was to start up another factory to build quality decks at a great price.   With the main focus of keeping it alive a ton of investment in R&D went into the manufacturing process.  From the press to the molds each and every detail of the manufacturing process was improved in order to keep the factory doors open with the inflation and recessions to come.  Knowing the rising cost of materials and labor something had to be done each and every year to keep the cost down and stay in the competitive market.  With the rise of low quality cheap decks being imported we knew the only good thing to do is to keep moving forward showing skaters how a good deck should last.  We are dedicated to making a quality deck that will last.