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Open Your Free Skate Shop

Set up a Free online skate shop to sell your skateboards, longboards, wheels and grip tape graphics.

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Step 1  Set up your account.  If you already have an account you can upgrade to a Merchant Program when you log in.

Step 2  Create and Save your designs

Step 3  Turn your saved graphics into products you can sell and make money on.


How do I get paid?

 All profit made by your sales goes toward skateboards being shipped directly to you.  Yes that is right we pay you in skateboards.  Skateboards are shipped to you so you can sell them and make money or just skate them.  The whole part of having a skateboard company is to have boards in your hands to sell.  We are here to help you grow.

How Much Money Do I Make?  

Skateboards you make anything over 25.00 so if you set your price at 45 you make 20 dollars of credit towards decks shipped to you.

Mini Cruiser / Old School you make anything over 30.00 so if you set your price at 50 you make 20 dollars of credit towards product shipped to you.

Longboards you make anything over 40.00 so if you set your price at 60 you make 20 dollars of credit.

Wheels  You make anything over 50.00 so if you set your price at 60 you make 10 dollars in credit.  Custom Wheel Printing is new for 2017 and profits for  you will go up the more sales we make on them.

Grip Tape   You make anything over 13.00 so if  you set it at 20 you earn 7 dollars worth of product.  Custom Grip Tape Printing is new for 2017 and you will start to make more money on grip as our sales go up.  

You make the most money on the decks because that is the majority of products we manufacturer in our factory.  

Does it cost me money to set up the shop?   

NO it is FREE you will never be charged or have to pay to display your designs on our site.