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100% American / Canadian Maple VS Made In USA

Looking for more answers and knowledge about the skateboard industry? 

We have answers for you.  Some revelations that you have been kept in the dark with for many years.

YES imported decks do exist.   100% Canadian / American Maple no longer means the decks are made in the USA.  

It has been in clear sight ever since it started.  A product can have many descriptions.  It is up the the good will of the seller to mark the products they are selling

in a way that makes them feel good.   We here at Custom skateboards like to use Made In USA or made in America because that is where we have our own factory.  While others selling decks

will use 100% American / Canadian maple with American Flags and Canadian flags in plain sight but why don't they say Made in USA?  Because it's NOT!  Who really knows where it comes from?

American / Canadian / Made IN USA
Made in USA
​SALE 1-$40 LIMITED TIME ONLY!  BULK AS LOW AS $13.00  Sizes ranging from 7.5 to 8.5Make ..
$30.00 As low as $11.00
SALE 1-$40 LIMITED TIME ONLY!  BULK AS LOW AS $17.00  Sizes ranging from 7.5 to 8.5.  ..
$30.00 As low as $11.00
9.0" Wide 32" Long 15" Wheelbase 7 Ply Hard Rock Maple Made in America! Top Ply Assorted Stain or Na..
$50.00 As low as $17.00
In design studio you can pick the sizes 7.5 7.6 7.75 7.8 8.0 8.125 8.25 8.510 Custom skateboards w..
$25.00 As low as $18.00
When In design studio you can pick the following sizes 7.5 7.6 7.75 7.8 8.0 8.125 8.25 8.5All sk..
39" Long10" WideOne of a kind longboard with your graphics made for you on this freeride shape..
$75.00 As low as $25.00
39" Long10" WideTop seller on our site this downhill longboard shape is perfect for any kind of ..
$70.00 As low as $25.00
Custom Printed Skateboard Griptape with your designs and logos.  9x33 inches sheets can be orde..
$12.00 As low as $9.70
In design studio you can pick the sizes 7.5 7.6 7.75 7.8 8.0 8.125 8.25 8.5Make your own custom sk..
We make this Coffin deck for many different brands and individuals.   It is a great conversatio..
$50.00 As low as $17.00
Digital Skate Logo Deck New
To preserve and protect our identity.  ..
Circuit Skate New
To preserve and protect our identity.  ..
IG-Highlights Board New
The Instagram account has four highlights that convey brief motivational thoughts. These designs rep..
SGM Legacy Board New
Todd Schurman and Zach Grubb were avid skaters and pushed the city of Seymour to get a skatepark for..
2 Deck Mural New
This is a 2 deck mural on size 8.0 decks..
These 8 inch wide blank skateboard decks are perfect for the skateboarder that wants quality under..
$15.00 As low as $11.00
This is the most popular size deck on the market.  The 8.25 skateboard can be made to order..
$15.00 As low as $11.00
The 8.5 Skateboard is growing in popularity.  We Glue Cut and Paint these quality skateboards a..
$15.00 As low as $11.00
32 Inches in length and 9.0 inch Width with a 15 inch wheel base.  7 Ply hard rock mapleCustomi..
$25.00 As low as $15.00
9.0" Wide32.5" Long15" WheelbaseAssorted Stain Top and Middle Plys Natural on bottomThis one..
$25.00 As low as $15.00
This is one of our most popular shapes.  We are the original maker of the coffin shape old sc..
$25.00 As low as $15.00
32.5 inches Long 8.6 inches wide 15 inch wheel baseThe Dead Pin punk nose pool board is one of the b..
$25.00 As low as $15.00
Assorted Stain Top and Middle ply. This 7.75 inch wide blank skateboard can be sold in bulk o..
$15.00 As low as $11.00