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Skateboard Jobs

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How to get a skateboard job



Here is a good way to land yourself a job in the skateboard industry


     Getting a job in the skateboard industry is one of the most difficult task you may face yourself with.  There are many ways to get land yourself with a skateboard job.  First you need to think about what part or aspect of the industry you are looking to get into.   There are many different positions out there and they are extremely competitive to work toward.  Skateboarding is an extremely small industry with each brand or company there are only a few tight knit people working in any one company.  The following information will help you achieve your dreams of having a job in the skateboard industry. 


Be Trustworthy?


     You have to build trust with your potential employer.  Without having trust there is no chance at getting a job in the industry.  Most skateboard companies are extremely secretive about their private information and don't want to share it with just anyone.  You have to show your dedication to the company before even thinking about getting paid to do so.   Just getting out there skating with good skaters that are involved with a brand will help you get your foot in the door.  Companies in the skateboard industry usually hire from within not some person they don't know or trust.  If you are a true supporter of the company or brand you are trying to get a job with it will be a strong part in the door opening for you.  Just calling up or sending a email to a company asking if you can get a job is not going to make it happen. 


Show Your Passion


     Having a strong dedication to making sure it happens for you with your favorite skateboard skateboard position is going to make you shine.  Make it happen don't wait for someone to do it for you.  Even though you have not been hired yet you can still do your part to show the company you are willing to work hard even before getting a pay check.  You have to remember that all these skateboard companies were developed by a skater that built it from the ground up.  Most of the owners worked for years without getting a pay check so show them you are willing to do so as well.  I am not saying you have to work for free but show them you can help them grow their company without even being an employee.  There is noting wrong with going into a skate shop and letting the skate shop owner that your favorite brand that you want a job with is the brand you are telling all your friends about.  Just think that if some shop is selling more of one brand over another the company that sells to that shop the one you want to get a job with will notice an increase in sales.  It does not hurt to call us the company and let them know you have been doing the magic for them.   


Do it yourself


     There is another way to get a skateboard job that requires a ton more work and responsibility.  You can make your own company and work for yourself.  This requires a good business plan that includes how to start it up from scratch.  Do some research on a name you want to call your company.  This is actually the hardest part because there are already so many skateboard companies not just the big brands but small start up ones too.  Think of a name and search the web to see if anyone is using the name.  Then search social media to see if there is any person using the name you want to use for your company.  You need to include other markets in your search so if you want to call your company New skateboards also check to see if there is a clothing company called New clothing.  The last thing you want to do is step on anyones toes and put a stop to your company before it even begins.  Once you have found that the name you have chosen is not being used in the extreme sports industry quickly secure the domain name and all the social media outlets with your company name.   After all that is done you can now start to buy and sell products.  You will be working for yourself creating your own job and for others including the people you can trust to help you build your brand.

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Hi my name is jeff manning and I’m about to place my first order with you guys. But I have a couple of questions,one on every 20 boards I order can they be split into two so 10&10 or straight 20. And my Second question is do you have a sample board I would be able to see so We could check out the concave. Thank you and hope to be doing business with you soon..

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