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Signal Snowboards

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Recycle Skateboards Goes Snowboarding


Not just some skateboard you will find on a shelf and slap a graphic on.  These hard working Americans are creating a custom skateboard products from scratch.  A big shout out to my friend Marc from Signal Snowboards.  I have known Marc my entire career of making skateboards.  Before I started making skateboards I was huge into snowboarding and that was my life.  My life of skateboarding and snowboarding introduced me to a manufacturing culture.  Working with some of the best snowboard and skateboard manufacturers in the industry helped me achive my ultimate goal.  The pain and suffering of building a skateboards as they were intended before big corporate take over.  The passion for manufacutring has built this Nation to stive for a higher expectation.  We stive to serve any challage that is put apon us.  We manufactruer in America because we want you to see the difference between passion and mass production.  Check them out at signalsnowboards.com  You wont find whatever skateboard deck that is on a shelf but only quality USA American Made Skateboards.  We build them in our factory as it shoud be done.  


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