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Recycled Skateboard Wood

Posted by admin 11/30/2017 1 Comment(s) Recycled Skateboards,

Recycled Skateboard Wood


Customskateboards.com now offers our recycled skateboard wood for sale.  Unlike going to whatever custom skateboard shop that just takes boards off a shelf and slaps a graphic on we actually make the decks fresh.  Fresh cut skateboards are always going to last longer.  Not all skateboard manufacturers take the time to allow you to buy their scraps to make anything out of it.  Even some of our competitors that don't actually make the decks can't offer this killer deal.  Using recycled skateboards to make all kinds of crafts has turned into a big industry.  It is hard to come by old used skateboards and turn them into art.  Old skateboards you have to sand off the paint and glue the parts together.  With our scrap recycled wood you don't have to put the extra time in sanding off the paint. 




Look and see what these guys are doing in Elkhart, Indiana.  Quality hand made products are made from old used skateboards.

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05/30/2018, 03:56:17 PM

How can I buy this wood your article does not specify the necessary measures in order to do so Thanks Cole

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