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Metallica Skateboards - Need Decks for your band? Boards for Bands

Posted by admin 05/29/2017 0 Comment(s) Skateboards,

Metallica Skateboards 


All my life I loved to listen to music and one of my life chaning moments is when Metallica broke out with their trademart sound.  I was honored and proud to have made these boards for the band.  Never would I have thought that in all my years walking this planet would there be a chance that my manufacturing company would be making decks for Metallica.  The design they sent us to print on the decks we pressed up just for them in Huntington Beach California was taken care of to ensure the highest standards.  With the hard years of making skateboards with litte to no return on investment this job made it worth every penny lost in the process of setting up a factory.   These boards sparked a new love for the band and you better believe we were blasting their songs when making their boards.  There are few chances these guys will produce skateboards for their band and we were lucky enough to be a part of something this big.  


We were so happy so be honored with the chance of a lifetime to make boards for Metallica 

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