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Do your research


When looking for a good quality custom skateboard it is always best to do your research.  There are a few places to choose from and not all of them actually use 100% USA Made decks for your custom printed order.  All you have to do is just ask.  We suggest that you try out ours and try out theres and compare the quality of the wood and the print before placing a larger order.  Lets look at a few things to consider when getting into custom skateboards.


1.  Price

Compare prices when shopping around.  It does not hurt to take some time to look at what is out there.  When you buy directly from a skateboard manufacturer you will always be getting a better price.  There are a few out there that don't manufacturer skateboards and it will be clear by the price that is set.  

Why choose us?  We guarantee that you will get the best price.  A fair and honest price is a good place to start.


2. Product Origin

We have a video factory tour online to prove to you that the decks are made right here in the USA.  Take a look at our video and compare our factory to other custom skateboard shops to see who has the best process in order to keep the price down and ensure that the company will be there when you need them for years to come.  

Why USA?  We stand behind the products we make.  While others can just pass the buck to some other company other then taking responsibility for the final end product.  



Here you will find better prices then you would if you went to a company that uses imported decks.  Imported decks serve one purpose and one purpose only to cut manual labor.   Americans are known for their hard work and taking pride in the products they make.  Buying from customskateboards.com will give you direct access to the workers in the factory right here in California. 

Some recent photos of what we have been up to.

Below is a great example of good design work.  This project came in with some art that needed some touch up.  I was so excited to see this graphic with the colors used that I had to take it to another level and set the art up so that it would print perfectly.  



Need a better price?  Just ask!  We are super flexible when it comes to helping our customers grow.  When we see good art we jump at the opportunity to help you with your order in ways that others won't.  Get to know us and let us get to know your needs. 



Better quality wood and printing.  

The better your art the better the end results.  We print with high resolution files that create skateboards that have a high end look with the American Made skateboard to back it up.



This is just some of our quality skateboard printing examples.  When you need a deck made look no further USA made decks are way better then any company selling 100% Canadian / American Maple.  


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