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Blank Or Printed Longboard Manufacturer

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Custom Longboard Deck Manufacturer Blank Or Printing On Demand


Making a longboard here in the USA is extremely difficult and I am sure all the other guys out there making them will agree.  With the flooded market of blanks and small shop brands out there making longboards there is a small section of the industry that will try to beat the cheap imported deck price.   I am dedicated to keeping the cost down on Longboards and Street Skate Decks.  With the skills I have gained over the 20 plus years of manufacturing skateboard products gives this company the advantage over some of the larger distributors out there.  Distributors can buy a deck already made and mark up the price to make money.  As a manufacturer there are cost that just can't be controlled.  One day a longboard may cost a certain amount and the next it doubled.  How is this possible?  Well I will tell you that building a skate deck has so many hidden losses in manufacturing.   There are so many it is even hard to pinpoint what it may be.  One factory worker can make or break a bank.  Example- A worker can spray more paint on a batch of boards then another or the setting of the spray booth equipment can change the amount of paint that is put on a skateboard.  This can make the price go up.  Unlike a distributor that buys a deck a a fixed price we have to manufacture it at a variable cost.  Even the freight of bringing in the raw materials can change from one day to another.  The cost of fuel goes up the cost of the deck we make goes up.   I have kept my price the same for the 20 plus years of making skateboards.   All I ask is for you to think twice about where you buy your custom printed decks from.  Ask the supplier questions like if they can print made in USA on the decks.  Can they make a custom shape and ship it same day?  A supplier or distributor that does not make the decks will have to have it shipped from overseas to their location and have to ship it to you.  We make custom shapes right here in Huntington Beach California.  You could send us a shape to cut and we could cut that custom shape and ship it out same day if we really had to.  


Stack Of Custom Unfinished Shaped Longboards


A inside look at the factory floor we built.  We take pride knowing that each and every board that leaves CUSTOMSKATEBORDS.COM was glued up cut out and painted at the same location it ships from.  

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