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GOP Skateboard Project

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Amazing Skateboard Project

Let me tell you this order did not go as we planned but we did work really hard to produce a high quality skateboard.   Making skateboards from the ground up is not a easy task.  We take pride that when you get your decks that they are made in America not just some old dried up deck taken off a shelf and slap your graphic on them.  We know that a fresh made deck is better then a deck that comes from overseas.  Imported decks tend to be dried up before ever going under a skaters foot.   With fresh cut decks there is still the correct moisture content in the wood that allows it to take the abuse they are designed for.  This order of decks were pressed up just for this customer as all of our orders are and then printed up.  We have really high standards with our printing and our wood shop production.



High Quality Skateboard Printing On Demand


Skateboard printing is an art it can’t be rushed or taken lightly.  It’s not just go to the supermarket and pick it off the shelf there are procedures that must be done exactly right.  Rushing an order will always make some sort of problem happen.  Decks will only print as good as the artwork provided. 



Need Fast Shipping?


When you are starting your own brand you need to ship your orders fast to keep your customers loyalty.  Make sure you buy in bulk so you have product in stock.  We do offer a killer deal on our site for brands that can't afford to buy in bulk.  We allow you to set up a merchant account and we drop ship the orders as you get them.  This is not always the best solution because still it is not like we stock them for you we still have to print and cut the decks to any order even the orders from the merchant center.  If you want to go through our merchant service you get single decks at $25.00ea that is 50% off of what other companies are charging.    As a manufacturer making a product from scratch there are always situations that arise that can hold up orders.  Respect the process of a quality USA made skateboard.  


Go get these decks from their site they are in stock and will ship same day.



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