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Giving Back

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We Support You! 


Giving back to the skateboard industry with lower prices made in USA.  We do it for the love of the sport not to get rich.  We feel your pain when it comes to pulling out your wallet when it comes time to buy a new skateboard.  Dedicated to supporting you as a skater to get quality USA made skateboards from Huntington Beach California where it all started.  Making decks since 1995 with the same price as when we started.  While prices on decks go up we are looking to lower them in order for you to benefit from the dedication we have put into the manufacturing process.  Investing into YOUR FUTURE! 

Cutting labor cost and passing the saving to the customers is our main goal. While others are doing it to make a buck we do it to prove to the market that there still is fair, honest, and hard working Americans that live to help others.  There is to much ME in the world and a bit of WE can make a difference.  Lets work together to continue to lower the cost of skateboards. 




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