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Dragon Grip

Posted by admin 12/17/2017 0 Comment(s) Custom Grip tape,

Dragon Printed Grip Tape


Here is a job we just completed.  It turned out really nice and the customer was super excited.  Notice how the white is super bright compared to what you normally see out there.  We print our grip on white grip so that the colors pop and stay true to what you want.  I like how we came up with this new way of displaying the jobs we print.  An honest way of showing how we are actually making skateboards a true skateboard manufacturer.  Most skateboard manufacturers won't sell directly to the end user.  We are one of the few that kept the skateboard manufacturing process in the United States.  All the big brands won't buy from us because they would rather buy imported decks at a dollar less then our bulk prices.  Stay true to skateboarding and so will we.  Buy factory direct and save huge on all your skateboard parts.  Its like you get twice as much with us for the same price then from our competitors


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