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Design Your Own Skateboard Mural

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Custom Design Your Own Skateboard Mural 


     Of all the new and exciting things we have to offer that other custom skateboard shops don't is the ability to make mural's on your wall with skateboards.  We are the best place to design your own skateboard.   With our experience you can trust that we will take the extra steps to ensure that your art will display properly.  We pay attention to what other skateboard manufacturers are offering and we take pride that we are the one and only that will allow you to buy a single deck with your graphic.  The other places that offer single one off skateboards don't actually glue and cut their own decks but buy them from other places and slap your graphic on them.  The only way we feel good about selling you skateboard decks with your graphics is if we make them here in our own factory to ensure that you are getting the highest quality skateboard.  



Skateboard Wall Art


When it comes to decorating your wall with skateboards we have you covered.  With over 20 years in the skateboard printing industry we know a thing or two about it.  This industry is something that I personally fell into.  It was not something I set out to do.  When I was offered my first job in a skateboard factory I was hesitant to even take the job.  After giving it a try I was hooked.  All my life I loved to figure out how things worked.  All my friends came to me to have their toys, bikes, skateboards, cars and anything that was broken to fix it.  So owning my own skateboard factory was a no brainer.  Dealing with a ton of machinery and equipment I had a huge advantage over the rest.   Not to mention I did not care about making money at it.  With all the skateboard manufacturers out there I was doing it for the right reasons.  First it was like a sport to me.  I was involved with snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing.  When I started making skateboards it was not for money but for the excitement of progression in my new found sport.



Skateboard Printing


There are many ways to print skateboards and only one of them will allow you to design your own skateboard.   With the printers that are available to consumers we took a strong look at the digital skateboard printing option.  Back when skateboards were only being screen printed and the heat transfer just came into the market we were a small shop and with the best prices.  We would get numerous customers wanting samples printed and we would have to make screens to print them.  This took a ton of time and effort and each and every time we did make a sample I was thinking about how it would be so nice to be able to print out the sample with a digital printer.  I quickly tried out ways to digitally print on skateboards.  It was a trial and error for years.  I knew I was ahead on the market because all the other skateboard manufacturers were having their heat transfers printed overseas.  I was one of the only skateboard manufacturer that was making the heat transfers in my own factory.  This gave me an advantage to do what I love so much.  Research and Development is one of my all time favorites.  Once I figure out how to do something new in the skateboard industry I started dreaming up new ideas to take it to another level.  After years of trial and error and still no other company was digitally printing skateboards I finally found a way to make it work.  I had a new process of printing skateboards that was all mine to do what I wanted.  After it was known to the market I started getting phone calls from other skateboard manufacturers.  They were asking me all kinds of questions that I could not answer in order to keep my propriety information a secret.  My supplies were shipped to a different location and any trace of what I was using was removed from the factory.  A few years later we found that we had started a race to nowhere.  Once companies could come to my company and buy single printed skateboards it was not long before other companies were offering it.  The thing that still sets my company apart from the rest is that we are the only one that is making skateboards with a press.  Mostly skateboard manufactures will not spend the extra time and effort to make just a single.  Manufacturers thrive on volume because the price they have to sell them at is so low they have to make hundreds even thousands to keep the doors open.



Skateboard Manufacturers


Its not a glorious occupation as the photo shows above.  We do it to ensure that quality skateboards remain in the skateboard industry.  Back before I started my factory all skateboards were made in the USA.  Well not all because the ones you would see in the big box stores were toys and not for the advanced skater.  I was involved with skateboards back in 1995 when all the big brands were made right here in California.  I watched as all the companies left to overseas and I was dedicated to making sure that people can still get a quality deck made in America.  There is a huge difference between decks from overseas and American made skateboards you can tell the difference when you ride the decks we make.  Check out our selection of shapes and sizes we strive to have the largest selection in the industry to prove to the market we are a real skateboard manufacturer.

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