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Best Skateboard Manufacturers

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How to find the best skateboard manufacturers for your brand.


When looking for skateboard manufacturers you will find a long list of companies that offer the skateboard manufacturer service.  This can be quite confusing because of how many there are and we all know when shopping around for manufacturers the price is a big factor along with quality.  There are many that will ask for samples from some of the well known factories but if you don't know who they are it will be hard to make a good qualified decision.  Below you will find a good indication of who makes the best decks just by the company profile.  




When looking through all the skateboard manufacturers out there you will want to compare price.  Price is one of the leading factors that will make the final determination of who you buy from.  Price will also be a key indicator on who actually makes decks and who does not.  If you don't mind if the company you are buying from does not make the actual skateboard but only prints on them the price will be a bit higher.  There are pros and cons to consider who you go with.


Manufacturer Vs Print Shop


A manufacturer of skateboards is company that actually glues the wood and prints on a skateboard has its advantages and disadvantages when comparing to a print shop.  A manufacturer can make you any shape any size right there in their only facility and also keep your proprietary artwork and designs within the same facility.  Skateboard Printing shops will send out the graphics to a company overseas to print your designs onto a transfer and ship them back to the print shop for them to transfer the graphic on.  These print shops well not sure we can call them print shops because they don't actually print your graphics have it easy.  Just transfer the graphic on and ship it out.  This can be a good and bad thing.  The good is that they can free up labor by not actually making the prints or making the decks and just transfer your graphic on.  The only time frame they have is to wait for the prints to come from overseas.  Typically this takes 2-3 weeks for the prints to come in and a day or two depending on what they are working on at the time to put your graphics on.  This whole business plan in my opinion is taking the easy way out.  The hard work is taken out and there is not much passion in the final product due to not actually making the decks ant the prints.  The time and efforts that go into making skateboards part of the passion for making a quality product and the love for skateboarding.  As a print shop has no control over the quality of wood because they are buying imported decks at a low price in volume.  A mass skateboard production company will have more chances to make mistakes over a large production run.  


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