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Best Custom Skateboards

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Best Custom Skateboards

     When wanting to get skateboard printing done or have custom skateboards made for any situation that there are a few places to go.  We have compared all of the companies that offer skateboard printing and found that customskateboards.com has the best price along with decks made in USA.  With over 25 years of experience making decks this site has been doing it longer and better then any other site online. 


Dedicated To Your Success!


     Not only offering the best price for custom skateboard printing the quality is top notch.  Research and development along with innovative ways to keep the cost down when all of our supplies keep rising is done all for you.  One of the most alarming factors within the supplies we need is the constant rise on boxes and printing materials.  Being dedicated to keeping your price the same we work real hard developing a process in order to keep our customers at the same price.  Each and every time we order boxes the price goes up.  We feel this is a lazy approach to business.  Does not matter who we buy boxes from they keep on going up.  Big Corporate America only cares about the bottom dollar.  The secret to our success is being able to carry these price increases other then passing it along to you.  For us this is a way of proving to you that we are not doing it for the money we are doing because we want you to have a skateboard that is made in the USA.  We know our competitors are using imported decks and trying to fool you with the descriptions they use like American Canadian maple.  Sure they can ship wood out of the USA and make it with cheap labor and bring it back.  The craftsmanship of high volume factories for the masses just does not guarantee the quality we can.  



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