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Ask Yourself

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What is important to you?


1.  Made IN USA Vs Imported

2. Manufacturer Vs Distributor

3. Lowest Price Vs Higher Prices

4. Turn Around Time Vs Fastest Shipping

5. Factory Direct Vs Wholesale Vs Retail

6. Stock Vs Drop Shipping

7. High Quality Vs Lower Quality

8. Branding Vs Blank

9. Full Service Vs Processing

10. Professional Vs DIY


There is a pattern here that will be explained in great detail to help consumers be successfull in the skateboard industry.

Made IN USA - Vs - Imported

Here is a subject that is important to individuals that love the country the live in.  You have to ask yourself the pros and cons to this subject.

Where is my money going?  

Who is backing the quality? 

What is it made of?

When was it made?


Manufacturer Vs Distributor

You need to know where the wood comes from.

Am I paying the best possible price?

Can I talk to the person that is actually making the decks when I need help?

Does my sales rep have access to quality control?


Lowest Price Vs Higher Prices


Are these the best possible prices?

Does a lower price mean lower quality?


Turn Around Time Vs Fastest Shipping

Faster is not always better!

I need it fast and I am willing to pay more.

I will take whatever you have to get it done in time.

I am willing to wait to get a good product. 

Where do you fall in the top two or the bottom one?


Factory Direct Vs Wholesale Vs Retail

I can buy from a retail shop and pay retail prices or buy factory direct, save mone, and have the manufacturer support.

I can buy from a wholesale company and pay more.

I can buy factory direct to get manufacturer direct prices or pay more retail or wholesale.



Retail Definition 

Is the sale of goods to the public in relatively small quantities for use or consumption rather than for resale.


Wholesale Definition 

Is the selling of goods in large quantities to be retailed by others.


Factory Direct Definition

Is the manufacturer selling its goods directly to the end user of the product.


Who we are and what we do!

We are factory direct.  We actually make the decks and sell directly to the market. 

The more you buy the cheaper it gets.  Our singe deck price ranks lower than any other sellers you may find.


Stock Vs Dropshipping

If you buy stock you will make more money per deck ship fast to your customers.

This is extreamly important when selling as a brand that should have product in hand to sell to any buyer that is willing to pay.

If you try dropshipping you will have to wait for that single deck to be made and shipped out for you and hope the person that is shipping it is sending first quality goods that exceeds your standards.

Pay more to have a compan drop ship for you and at the same time hope that it does not cause complications for you.


High Quality Vs Lower Quality
















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