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Anime Skateboards

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Anime Skateboards


This was a huge project that requires extra time and effort to get it right.  With over 30 designs and give the fact that they are not all the same size in width made it extramly time consuming.  This customer got a deal of a lifetime.  I believe it was like $17.00ea for each deck when normally a single deck printed with a graphic is $35 dollars each. Even with a price of $35.00ea for a single one off that is half the price of what other companies are charging.  Our prices are the lowest in the industry because you are dealing with an actual manufacturer that glues the wood and drills the holes.  


Skateboard Deck Manufacturer


  As others come into the market and stock up on imported decks to print your graphics we start with fresh maple hardwood and glue it up.  This gives a longer lasting skateboard because it it not some deck sitting on a shelf drying out.  Just think a dried out piece of wood will snap easy.  With the right moisture fresh from the factory it will have just the right amount of moisture to keep the deck from snapping.  Using a fresh made deck from a skateboard deck manufacturer will help you break it in properly.  Yes there is a break in period of a skateboard and if done right it will last a lot longer then some dried up deck off the shelf.  





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