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American Made Skateboards

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California Skateboard Manufacturer


In the mecca of the skateboarding industry we are sticking it out because we have the key to what it takes to make a quality skateboard deck.  Look I have been at this for all my life from the day I was born I was tearing my toys apart to see how they worked.  Same applies each and every day in the factory helping our employees make the best skateboard in the world.   A traditional 100% Hard Rock Canadian Maple with glue that was designed to withstand the extreme stress a board goes through during a hard session.



Made in USA!


Not just the deck off the shelf!  We ship the day the board is cut meaning our cnc operator gets your order and cuts the deck based upon who ordered first.  All orders are extremely important to us and without your support there would not be a company giving you a fresh cut deck.  Orders come in and we go by payment date and depending on what time of year it is will determine how long it will take to ship out a custom skateboard deck order.   Blanks go out faster due to just having to have the CNC operator to just cut it out and bring it to our spray booth for a clear coat to protect it from moisture.   Some people ask us to not spray the deck with a clear lacquer paint and we do accept their request.  While most skateboard distributors or wholesalers won't be able to we can because they don't and we do.  Why don't they?  Because they don't have the machinery and equipment to manufacturer the deck to order.  They have decks sitting on the shelf waiting for your order.  There are many pros and cons to this situation.  While the decks sit on the shelf they dry out or absorb moisture.  A true Canadian Hard Rock Maple lamination can handle the environment better then some mix of veneer layup.  Even with us shipping the same day or next as they are cut the wood simply is fresh containing the right moisture content.   Think of it as a branch cut from a tree.  A branch cut from a tree laying around for months will dry out and snap under the right pressure.   A branch cut from a maple tree that is treated with the right moisture before laminating and sent out right away will not be as brittle and will not have the time to dry out like board brought from across the Pacific Ocean.  Simply said GOOD THINGS ARE WORTH WAITING FOR!   Go to Ikea and buy a couch and get it same day or go to Pottery Barn and wait for them to make it and ship it to you.  Quality is the difference.  If a company can stock up on decks have them ready to ship is a clear indicator that they are cheap.  It is way easer for any company to stock up on a cheap skateboard other then an American Made Skateboard.  When you buy from us you will not being paying more then a imported deck.  The price is the same and we offer a higher quality deck for the same price as our import competitors.  


They always come back for more!


Over the 20 plus years of manufacturing skateboards we have seen all walks of life.  The customers that need it now and the customers that are willing to wait to get a better product.  Whatever the case we want to provide a service and quality that is above and beyond your expectations.  Printing Skateboards is not always the easiest task.  We have printed decks each and every way imaginable and even have come up with ways nobody has ever explored.  Innovation is key to success and we have been at the front of new and better ways to print skateboards.   Some concepts we have proven to work could really change the game for some of the largest skateboard brands and cripple the industry giving complete control to the consumers.  As long as the industry supports us we will keep some of our trade secrets a secret to ensure the growth of the skateboarding community.  So why do they always come back for more?  Well let me tell you how it works.  A consumer will buy skateboards from a skateboard shop they walk in and get it.  Straight off the shelf the deck goes into action.  Depending on the level of skill the skateboarder has the deck will either last or just fail within a few trips to the skate park.  Once the person is frustrated with having to buy decks on a regular basis to enjoy their favorite sport they venture our and try to find a better price and maybe even buy in bulk.  They stumble on the online auction site you know what I am talking about.  The bidding or buy it now site offers a safe haven for low quality decks.  They can offer cheap skateboards at a low price and it is really attractive.  A purchase is made the customer gets their deck fast and they go out and skate.  Suddenly the deck cracks or de lams or just simply breaks.  It might have been good for a few tricks but what is that worth?  Then they think man I did not pay much for it the deck was cheap.  Then they do some looking on the web and find a Skateboard Manufacturer.  They buy a few they ship same day and the customer again skates the decks finds out they don't last or chip fast breaking down the pop.  What is left to do but search around for a different supplier because it is worth it to keep looking for the best deck.  Placing a order at customskateboards.com is a option so they try it and they start to wonder why it did not ship the same day.  They call us and get a LIVE person on the phone.  We talk to them letting them know who we are and what we do.  Even with the order we send a confirmation letting them know the turnaround time we have depending on the season.  The decks are cut to order ship out and the customer gets a tracking number.  Boards finally arrive and they are amazed on how different they look.  The color of the TRUE CANADIAN MAPLE is the first thing that stands out.  Why does the wood look different?  Some are not so sure why but I will tell you it is because for the first time in their life they are getting a real Canadian Maple Skateboard.  The wood does not feel as heavy it is not as dark as the other decks they have used in the past.  Many will at that point not try another deck and the ones that are not satisfied with the made to order will go try other places.   Once they try any other supplier they come back and let us know they have tried other manufactures and let us know that our decks are better.


Why Our Blank Or Custom Printed Decks Last Longer


You will know after the first day of using an American Made Skateboard printed right here in Huntington Beach California.  The lamination process is what sets us apart from other manufacturers.  The glue we use is designed for the skateboard industry and has been used by some of the largest factories in the world.  We are not a mass production company so we have more time to adjust with every situation that pops up.  While 99% of the skateboards are imported and made at a mass production facility the quality suffers.  There are simply to many areas of the process that can effect the durability of a skateboard deck.  A smaller low volume wood shop can take the time to ensure a higher quality board.  

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John Morack:
08/11/2018, 08:23:14 AM

My 8 year old son is an avid skater. He walked up to me and asked to start his own skateboard making company. I said absolutely! One of our first rules as we laid out our business plan was to make the boards here in the States. My plan was to buy a CNC router and make our own buying the laminated stock. Then I stumbled on your website. I was amazed there are still high quality boards being made here! I took my time and looked around your website. I am proud of what you're doing. My son and I have decided we will be buying our boards from you. Longboarding is all the rage here right now. I have seen other parents in the neighborhood drop big money on a longboard that is made in china. I wan't to provide them with a high quality US made alternative. My son Max is in charge of picking a few different designs and we plan on building 25 boards to start off. You will see an order from us shortly. THANK YOU!

Dave Hubbell:
09/25/2018, 12:26:26 PM

I have three kids skating their hearts out. I ordered a modest stack of blank decks from these guys and their wood quality and lamination is excellent. It takes a while to get them, but if you plan ahead these decks are an unbeatable value. Communication as to each step of the process, order received, work begun, order completed was great. Thank you!

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