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As a manufacturer of custom printing on skateboards we glue up right here in California we are pleased to offer single one off print on demand orders.  You can email us graphics or upload them to our site and get a wholesale price below any of our competitors.  All of the decks we press here are made with the right glue and high quality Canadian Maple.  As you can see here in the photo the image supplied by the artist was top notch.  The printed end result will only look as good as the supplied graphics.  Make sure you take the time to design your artwork in high resolution files so your end result will be crisp and clear.  

I snapped a photo of this deck because when really good art comes to us for printing we enjoy looking at how well the decks turn out.  Over 20 years have gone by making skateboards for other brands and shops.  The one thing that keeps us going is to see what will happen next.  From new shapes to ideas people come up with and need help manufacturing the products we are happy to do so.  If I had it my way I would be working on research and technician all day long.  Since I built this factory I know everything about all the machinery and equipment.  So I am part time skateboard builder and part time repair man / technician.  I like fixing things it is always a challenge but when more then one thing breaks down at the same time it gets really stressfull.   Three weeks ago the ink supplier we have been using for years all of a sudded the ink stopped working and was damaging our equipment.  Having to switch to a new ink supplier to print skateboards was the only solution.  I did not want to risk buying more ink from a supplier that cost hundreds of dollars and it not work at all.  As a skateboard manufacturer we take all the losses in materials, and labor.   Our customers are the lucky ones they get to buy at a set price and mark it up to make money.  It is a daily struggle but in the end it is worth it to know we supply a quality product at below wholesale cost.  So if you are looking for a printed deck or just blank decks for your DIY project we are here to help.

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Krittin Jirawattanathum:
05/01/2018, 12:36:17 AM

Hi ‘My name is Krittin Ji.From Bangkok Thailand.Do you have any course about how to make a deck skateboard,I have a chance to come to USA. And I have to go back to Thailand in July.Can you make my dream come true, I would like to learn about how to make a deck. Because in Thailand they don’t have any factoring to make a deck skateboard.I would like to learn more and get experience about how to make a deck if you have a course about it please me know.Right now I’m stay in NYC, I can meet you in Person.Best RegardThanksKrittin Ji.

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