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Rack of Skateboards With Stain Veneer

Posted by admin 07/20/2017 1 Comment(s) Skateboards,


Our hard work paid off on this batch of wood.  All of the printed decks with the graphics you send us get a FREE stain top and middle ply.  As some other suppliers that don't even make the decks will charge you more for the decks with the stain on them.   So when you are looking around to get your skateboards printed if they are asking you to pay more for the stain you need to ask them if they are made in the USA.  A good sign they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes is when they say 100% Canadian Maple.   Sounds good right?  So here is the truth about skateboard veneer.   Manufacturers buy the veneer from a reliable source and the logs that the reliable source uses for skateboards come from the Great Lakes Region.   This means that even if they say 100% Canadian Maple they don't know for sure if it is from Canada.   Really it does not matter if it comes from Canada or the USA.   What is the most important thing about what they call Canadian maple is that the trees are harvested in the GREAT LAKES REGION.  This is super important because the elevation and climate the trees are in create a real hard dense wood.   This is the best wood for making a skateboard that goes through the harsh conditions skateboarding industry puts on the decks.  My wood supplier and I worked really close to bring the quality of the veneer up to its highest.  Even if it comes from the GREAT LAKES REGION it is up to the pealing the log process.   The process of pealing a log is an art form of its own.  When I started buying from my wood supplier we went through so many different variations in the process to determine what would make the best veneer for a 7 ply construction.  This was all done years and years ago to ensure that each and every deck we press gives you the skater the best possible result for the longest lasting deck.

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Dale dos Santos:
01/31/2018, 08:57:04 AM

Hi my name is Dale dos Santos and I am want start my own business. I came across your company and would like to start creating designs for skateboards and also wheels. I am from Trinidad and Tobago and still have a love skateboarding. The name of my company is Prank and I am looking forward to getting feedback from your company. I have a lot of designs but I need to get them printed on your boards and wheels. I would like to know as a client or person using company to make my business a reality would I be able to see my product and also be able to order my product and have it shipped to my country. Is there a limit to the least amount of skateboards you can shipped.

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