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Skateboard Design Template

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Templates For Designing Skateboards


All Shapes and Sizes


We offer the largest selection of skateboard shapes and sizes for every type of skateboarding.  Many customers have been asking for design templates for all of the shapes we have on our site.  This is a time consuming situation so we are going to make it easier on you and us to gain access to templates.  We have set up a new page where each and every board template will be.  For now we have been posting what customers are asking for but we know how some customers have been asking for all of them.  This has been our motivation to keep posting the templates for downloading.  There will be a mockup that you can use for displaying your graphics online for sale and a template for setting up the graphics so you can position your artwork perfectly


Design Online Template For Screen Printing or Heat Transfer.


Our website allows you to design your board graphics online.  There is a function we will soon be enabling so you can download your graphic print ready.  If you have Photoshop or Illustrator you can do it on your computer and email the graphic to us.  We have changed the way skateboards are printed.  Back in the day it was all vector art that was used to make film positives and used to burn screens for screen printing.  This was really time consuming and takes up a ton of space in the factory.  Yes Screen Printing is way faster but now days people are not buying the same graphic over and over again.  Brands are starting to experiment more on what types of art will sell faster.  So with our Digital Heat Transfers we have the ability to change graphics faster and allow for smaller quantity orders without the setup fees.  Our price structure is now way less confusing.  Having to charge per color was confusing to new customers having to explain that every color counts as a color because the screen would have to be made and ink pulled with a squeegee is a added material cost.


Using a template for best results


A design template is not as necessary as you think.  With our printing process we could use just about anything you can come up with.  For example a guy that really started to focus on his drawing ability.  The art he created was on a cloth and created with a ball point pen.  This was scanned into the computer then just changed the dimensions of the image to the length and width of the desired skateboard.  The board came out amazing even without the use of a template.  For some a template is necessary because for some reason artist like to put important information that can't be cut off right on the edge of the skateboard.  Sometimes people like to make a outline around the deck to match the shape of a deck.  There are so many different reasons why a skateboard design template can be useful.  One is making sure that nothing gets cut off for each and every size deck.  A order of boards can have sizes ranging from 7.75 to 8.5 and even 8.75 this can be challenging depending on how the customer made the art.  Most of the times we adjust the art so that nothing gets cut off on the smaller sizes an still looks good for the larger sizes.  A template can help the consumers place their artwork in a location that will still show on each and every size deck.  In some cases we have to resize the graphic for each and every size board.  This is the most difficult way to print skateboards.  The first problem we always run into is that humans will make mistakes.  A employee will use the wrong print for the size deck they put it on.  All the prints are made days ahead of time and if a print that is meant for a 8.0 is damaged it is back to the drawing board.  It is best to have them all the same size so we can print extra transfers and if one goes bad we have a backup to speed up the shipping process.  So to help speed up your shipment please make it so your graphic is one size fits all using our template.




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