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Cheap Wholesale Skateboard Decks

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Lets Get The Truth Out About Cheap Wholesale Skateboard Decks

     There is a ton of companies using the cheap word when it comes to skateboards.   It is a risky word to use when trying to sell skateboards.   There is also a ton of consumers out there looking for the cheapest skateboard decks and at one point I was one of them.  It's a fine line that one must use the right words and actions when using the words cheap and skateboards together in the same sentence.    I struggle with it all the time because I want to have the best price when it comes to manufacturing skateboards.  Why do I want to have the best price?  Well, for a few reasons.   The most important one is that I want people to try our decks because I know that a USA made board with the right glue and wood will last longer then a cheap imported deck.   There are so many looking for the cheapest solution with any product in the market. Americans have been plagued with low quality imported products that are disposable.  Manufacturers in this country has been dying breed.  My passion for working with my hands started when I was a kid playing with my toys.  I would take everything apart and find out how they worked.  My obsession with curiosity grew and I took any opportunity to work on anything at any time.  When my friends bikes broke down I would take them apart and put them back together for the fun of it.  When I got my first skateboard I was about 7 and it was not a brand new deck it was a deck that was given to me for helping my neighbor sand the paint off his car.   This deck I had as a form of payment was in really bad shape.  I wanted it to look perfect because I was so proud of my first deck.  The tail was worn down and the bearings were worn out.  I took the skateboard apart sanded off the scratches and get this I put wood putty on the tail to make it look like it was brand new and unused.   At this time there was rails on the deck, skid plate, copers and a nose guard.  After soaking the bearings in oil for some time and spinning them to get the grime out I put it all back together.  It was like a brand new board.   At this time in my life I had no idea on what was to come of me.  As I grew up I spent a ton of time building ramps in my backyard and a street course that I would drag out into the street every day I had a chance.  Soon it was out that I had a ramp and a street course and the kids started pouring in.   Boards were flying threw windows breaking them and so more building must be done to keep the skateboarding going.  Boards went up over the windows to protect them and we kept skating.   Back then boards would last longer and we would have one deck that would last us for a year before wanting a new fresh deck for a gift.  I started getting magazines with all the pros on them and I quickly learned who all the skaters that were out there and what they were doing.  At high school the only class I enjoyed was engineering.   When I had the opportunity to start my own skateboard manufacturer after working for one and knowing all the situations that may arise during the manufacturing process I was able to show off my skills.   I designed my own press and process of how the decks were made.   From all the positive feedback I had from friends and customers about the decks I was making I knew that I was born to make skateboards.   Through the years people always ask me if we have a wholesale price and this is a hard question for me to answer.   My company is a manufacturing company so our price is not wholesale it is a manufacturer price.   Manufacturers sell to companies that sells wholesale to distributors that sell wholesale to retailers.  We are at the bottom of the food chain.  I am not sure what you would call the price list we have maybe OEM.  Original Equipment Manufacturer.  We are below the wholesale price.  The word cheap either suggest that the cost is low or the product is poor quality.  We use the word Cheap Wholesale Skateboards with the intentions that the price is low.  Yes, you might find a lower price by one or two dollars but is it really worth it?  If you find a price lower then ours it will not be made in the USA it will not have 100% 7 ply Canadian maple plys.  These overseas places will use Siberian Maple.  Want to know how to find out if it is true maple or not?  Just look at the color of the wood.   The wood will appear darker in color it sticks out like a sore thumb.  I have been building decks for skaters to have a good quality deck and to fight back against low quality boards that have been flooding the market since 2002.  We have kept the same price for 20 years even though our inbound shipping, wood, glue, labor, rent, electricity, permits, paints, inks, and other supplies have gone up and up.  In order to continue serving quality products I have had to spend each and every year trying to developed a better way to make skateboards.  The process has changed many times but one thing I have never changed is the quality of wood and glue.  I am dedicated to bringing you high quality skateboards below wholesale prices so you can have a deck that feels good and looks good right out of the box MADE IN USA.

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