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Blank Skateboards All you need to know

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Finding a Good Blank Skateboard Supplier


With the market flooded with Blank Skateboards it is hard to find the right place that will give you a good product at a competitive price.  This can be a time consuming task because there are so many decks out there to buy blank and so few have a good quality product.  Most consider price because they have been buying from the local skate shop at around 20-25 dollars per deck.  The first logical choice is to go to the online auctions sites that have multiple vendors selling decks.  This in my opinion is a waste of time and money.  There might be one or two selling at the online auction or buy it now sites with a quality deck.  About 90% of blank skateboards come from overseas companies that are making large volume for big box or major distributors.  They have different levels of quality and when you start talking to them you will find this out because they will have multiple prices for a blank skateboard deck.  



American Made Skateboard Manufacturers


Next the logical choice it to try to find a manufacturer that is manufacturing skateboards in the USA.  California is where skateboarding was started and the original creators of the sport know a little something more then the overseas mass production OEM suppliers.  While most of the production went away we stuck it out to keep the tradition alive.  We know what it takes to make a good deck and we won't stray from what makes a Good Skateboard Deck.


The difference between American Made and Import


Lets start with the wood.  The best wood for a skateboard comes from the Great Lakes Region where the wood is extreamly dence due to the elevation and climiate.  Now you have to think to yourself when all places that sell blank skateboards say 100% Canadian Maple.  This is what the skaters want so it is easy to make that statement from the other side of the planet.  Overseas suppliers mark the decks saying Canadian Maple but is it really?  There are a few signs that are present when it is not made of Maple.  The wood will be darker and much heavier.  I have sat down and had talks with manufacturers that know they can't fool me and admit that they are using Siberian Maple Logs to press their decks.  Siberian Maple Veneer is darker than Canadian Maple and is much heaver.  



Stick with the Best Skateboard


Once you found the best skateboard for your style stick with it.  Sometimes you might get lucky and find one that is perfect and never be able to find it again.  With us you can assure that we will continue to offer the same shapes and concaves as we have done for the past 20 years.  If we can't meet your demands on shape concave or size we can manufacturer a deck to your specific requirements.  With the ability to glue and press up any shape we set up you are never left with not being able to get what you want.   American quality products take longer then a deck off the shelf that has been imported but the quality and fresh cut decks ara always going to last longer and hold their pop.


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