We are a full service custom skateboard manufacturer offering blank or printed skateboards any shape and size

Blank Skateboard Decks Old School Shapes

Blank Skateboard Decks Old School Shapes

Blank skateboards, longboards, Old School, Mini Cruisers, and Street Decks.  We make them here in California since 1999.  Best quality boards you will find on the web.  Here to serve you 100% Canadian maple 7 ply decks.  For a few dollars more you can have your own graphic or set up a shop on our site for free to sell your brand name decks. 

Largest selection of blank longboards for the longboarding industy.  We provide over 50 shapes and more to come soon on a monthly basis.  These blanks are made to order due to having so many diffrent stlyes to pick from.  Great thing about cut ot order is that the blank longboards are fresh and will last longer than any imported product that is sitting on the shelf.  From downhill to transportation we can get you going with the quality you derserve at a fraction of the cost.  Buying Factory Direct is a great way to save money and get a quality board without going throuh a distributor or wholesaler.  With many diffrent concaves there is nothing that we can't design or fabricate for you.  If you don't see the shape you are looking for please suggest a idea on what you may want for your personal skateboard.  If you are looking for just one deck with a shape we don't offer then with your permission we can post it on our site for others to buy if it is something we are intrested in selling here online. 


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7.6 Blank Deck

7.6 inches wide31.8 inches long14.25" wheel baseAssorted Top and Middle Stain PlysAnothe..

$15.00 As low as $13.00

7.75 Blank Deck

Assorted Stain Top and Middle ply. This 7.75 inch wide blank skateboard can be sold in bulk o..

$15.00 As low as $13.00

7.8 Blank Deck

7.8 inches wide31.8 inches Long14.25 inch wheel baseThe 7.8 wide skateboard blank is a per..

$15.00 As low as $13.00

8.0 Blank Deck

These 8 inch wide blank skateboard decks are perfect for the skateboarder that wants quality under..

$15.00 As low as $12.00

8.125 Blank Deck

8.125 Inches Wide32.5 Inches Long14.25 Inch Wheel BaseThe 8.125 blank deck is a popular si..

$15.00 As low as $13.00

8.25 Blank Deck

This is the most popular size deck on the market.  The 8.25 skateboard can be made to order..

$15.00 As low as $13.00

8.38 Blank Deck

8.38" Inches Wide32.5 Inches Long14.25 Inch WheelbaseThese decks come with a Stain top&nbs..

$15.00 As low as $13.00

8.5 Blank Deck

The 8.5 Skateboard is growing in popularity.  We Glue Cut and Paint these quality skateboards a..

$15.00 As low as $13.00