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Blank Mini Cruiser Decks

Blank Mini Cruiser decks made in USA.  All of these blanks are cold pressed with 100% Canadian maple hardwood from the Great Lakes Region.  These boards can be purchased with or without a laquer seal on them.  Raw wood without paint is great for wood burning or painting on your own art for classes or projects that can be fun with friends or family.  These are also great for shops that want their logo printed on them for promoting and advertising their own brand.  Marketing companies also come to us for these types of boards with corporate logos printed on them.  We can sell these with or without graphics.  Ask us about our custom printing on mini cruisers program.  Large or small we can handle any order with any kind of shape.  If you don't see a style of board here we welcome you to suggest a shape to be added to our huge selection of boards.  Skateboarding is growing and we continue to bring high quality products to the industry for all to enjoy.

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Blank Demon Mini Cruiser

6.8 Inches wide25.5 Inches long14 inch wheel baseBlank mini cruiser set up as deck only or m..


Blank Dynasty Mini Cruiser

8.5 Inches wide26..25 inches Long7 ply hard rock maple made in USAMini Cruiser skateboards m..


Electric Slide

Width 7.75 InchesLength 28 InchesWheel Base 14 inches7 Ply hard rock Canadian Maple Cold pre..


Full Moon

Length 27 InchesWidth 9 incheswheel base 14 inchesWe made it wide and short for this blank m..


Lights Out

Width 8.5 inchesLength 26.25 inchesWheel base 14 InchesA Mini Style skateboard that resemble..


Slip N Grind

8.0 Inches Wide26 inches Long14 Inch wheel baseIf you like to Slip N Grind this blank mini c..


The Great One

7.5 inches Wide30 inches Long14 inch wheel baseThe Great One Mini Cruiser is built to your o..


The Kind

Length 30 inchesWidth 8.25 InchesWheel Base 14 inchesAll of the blank mini cruiser decks on ..


Witches Brew

8.0 Inches wide 26.5 inches in length with a 14 inch wheel baseBlank Mini Cruiser skateboard Named W..


Wolf pack Mini Cruiser

Width 8.5 inchesLength 28 inchesWheel Base 14 inchesA Blank Wolf Pack Mini Cruiser deck is m..